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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 17:31:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:ringing in my ears

    i dunno
    well there hasnt really been much goin on for me to talk about but yea....heres wut i got

    --)>i went to see my mommom today at the hospital....shes still in ICU but now shes in isolation which means shes in a room by herself...we had to wear a mask to go in ther cuz of sumthin with germs...and if we wanted to touch her hand or sumthin like that we had to wear rubber christa my mom and my aunt mimi went in ther together...i started cryin a lil bit...cuz i hate seein her jus layin ther lookin so hepless...her face is a lil swollen n shes breathin thru a tube and since her blood is really thin in her body thers a whole bunch around her mouth....she had her eyes closed the whole time and she barely moved at all. She moved her mouth a tiny bit but thats all she did...after we went in to see her my dad brought me cortney n christa home n took us to our mommoms n poppops house...weve been ther all day i jus came hom eto update n get out of that house cuz i was startin to get a headache...but yea more of our family came up from west virginia...and everybuddys over ther now gettin ready to eat so i guess me n cort r gonna walk bak over ther...ill update sum more wen i get a chance!

    luv yaz ....byez xOxO!

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