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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 18:31:00
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    Current mood:energetic
    Current music:Loon-- How You Want That

    my new layout
    AHHHH alryte i kno u all sweat my new layout...lolz...thanks lesley for makin it for me n thanx julie for makin my icon u guys are the best...

    --)>..well guess wut i did today...i babysat...n cort helped was like heaven Cole took a nap today for 2 hours and 45 minutes....thats the longest hes ever slept for me. Usually he onli sleeps for like a hour but yea he was good im jus watchin cortney

    --)>yesterday well lets see britt came over for a while...n then she left n i was outside chillin n danny came over...he brought me a list to download a cd for him..n we jus chylled out side til like 10:30 n i saw kelsea n krissy for like 5 mins...and jeremiah too..o yea i also found out my mommom had 2 heartattacks yesterday...shes in ICU ryte now breathing thru a tube...n shes like out of it cuz they had to sedate her so she wouldnt keep tryin to rip the tube out ::tear:: i dunno but yea thats about all that went on yesterday

    --)>monday i went to the beach for 5 hours...with mo and dominique and i am BURNT like lobster cherry tomato apple red red red burnt...of course its not as bad now but yea its really funni i have to wear my bathing suit top cuz my bra hurts my sunburn...i dont think ive been this burnt face started peelin today...uggh..hoepfulli if i keep puttin lotion on it it will be ok soon i dunno...wen my brother saw me he said "wut happened to u did u get in a fite with a tomato?" aint that so nice of thats a brother for ya..but neways lets jus say my pas 2 nites of sleepin have been very painful and sticky from aloe vera but yea that helps a lil

    --)> n i dont remember wut i did over the weekend...i got my nails done...theyre really pretty blue and purple tips with this white kinda swirly stuff neways yea theyre purty!

    well thats all...yea i kno my life is borin sorry its not a lil more entertainin for u all...well im gonna go cuz my lil cuz looks a lil bored sittin on the couch...Keep it Gully!! luv yaz byez

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