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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-03-08 10:49:00
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    Current mood:sick

    Sniff Sniff
    *Hey peoplez, I kno i havent updated in a while thats y im updating! I had to go teach the little kids again at saturday enrichment...We did pyramids today it was fun but man those kids dont listen to nething i tell them i say lunge more and they dont i tell them to lock their knees and squeeze the penny nd they o well theyre little kids wut can i expect but i was kinda gettin annoyed easily cuz i dont feel good my nose is all stuffed up n stuff!

    *My bedroom is finally startin to come together! I finally got a bedspread and pillowcases...theyre really cute . they got lil moons n stars n suns on 'em . its kinda countryish cuz its a quilt but its really cute. Me and cortney spent the whole nite las nite puttin stars on my ceiling. that was a lotta work. We wer like doin pyramids n stuff to get them up there. it was funny. it was fun puttin em up but first we had to stick all the little stickers on the bak n then we had to peel the backing off. lol N cortney stuck them to her arm so i could jus take them off rather then having to go down to the floor and getting them everytime i needed one.LOL. It looks really neat wen u turn my lite n stuff off n its like pitch blak. Neways yea!

    * I have to go to the sophmore semi tonite with charles. Im not really in the mood to go but i kinda have too. I got my nails done thursday. nd im goin today at 3:30 to get my hair done....Pictures start at 5:30 but were not goin that early...the dance dont start til 7 neways! We actually jus got home ...we had to go get the bootineer(im not sure how u spell it).My dress is a peachy pink color but its a lil more peach..and mo made me this lil wrappy thing to go around my back n shoulders n stuff. Im gonna look pretty...i still gotta get a camera so i can take lots of pictures!

    * I joined bowling club and yesterday was the first day...its really fun im on a team wiht kristine and this boy bill and it was suppost to be kristines boyfriend jeff but his mom wouldnt let him so now we havto find a 4th team member..Our team name is the kritters lol mr bump named us!...neways we played mr bumps team and we beat them lol...its only cuz were handicapp...thats wut they hav us under..I guess its a special category for the people that dont play so well. I actually did pretty good i got like a 70 or sumthin the first agme i think but hey i was jus warmin up..then i got a 96 the second game and a 103 the 3rd....thats the highest i ever got without bumbers lol!

    * I havent hugn out with kelsea lately! i was over there thursday and i think she was mad at me cuz we were watchin tv in the livin room and danny n roger came out n danny told me to come out rill quik...then i went inside to get sumthin n she was like wut ur dissin me for them n kerry said i thought kelsea told u not to talk to them near our house...n i was like no im not dissin u for them im comin bak...and kelsea was fine wen we were outside wit danny wednesday ...i dunno but im allowed to talk to him where i want ..i kno shes not really frends wit him iguess but i am and we were on the sidewalk..its not like we were on her porch or in her yard...neways wen i went bak in she said she was tired and wanted to take a nap so i went home and i havent talked to her since then...i dont think shes mad at me tho well at least i hope not!

    * well i gotta go ..MwAz byez

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