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Angel of the tempest (tempest_angel) wrote,
@ 2006-05-25 10:10:00
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    Sushi Train whinge
    I love sushi... I love sashimi. Japanese food rocks in my opinion, I can't get enough. Last night, for Jo's bday, Gabbins, Jo and myself went out to dinner. The Sushi Train. We walked in the restaurant and I was not impressed one bit. It was a far cry from Genki, my favourite Japanese restaurant. Unfortunately Jo didn't want to go there because last time we went she got sick (let's just say that it wasn't so much the food but the quantity she consumed which made her sick).

    So it was the Sushi Train. An island in the middle of a room with sushi being made in various flavours and forms, surrounded by a conveyer belt on which there are several types of sushi and sashimi as well as a few sweets. The idea is as you see what you want come around you take it off the conveyer belt and dig in, taking as many plates as you want until you are full. The plates are colour coded, so you can tell how much a plate of whatever costs. Plates range from $2.50 to $7.00 and will have as little as one piece or up to 6 pieces of sushi. Sashimi was $6 for 5 pieces of fish, which were a little smaller than normal sashimi size.

    The girls new instantly I was not happy and were ribbing me about it. I didn't care. The sushi all tasted the same, no matter what it was. There was a reasonable choice if you liked a lot of your chicken and fish deep fried. I just couldn't get enthusiastic about it and it was an exceptionally expensive way to eat. Some of the sushi was going around and around and around and you had to wonder how long it had been on the conveyer belt for. Yes, the staff were constantly making new rolls and they were being added but you couldn't be sure how long they'd been travelling the ring for.

    I tried Black Sesame Ice Cream. Ummm... interesting. It started out I wasn't sure what I thought of it, I couldn't tell if I liked it or I hated it, it tasted interesting. Slowly I thought I began to like it, so I continued to eat it and then... come the last of it, I hated it. It was revolting. What the hell was I thinking? Jo was the same. Ick.

    So, the moral of this story is, when in Adelaide, don't go to the Sushi Train, instead opt for Genki!

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