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Tekafone (tekafone) wrote,
@ 2004-06-23 01:05:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:Mos Def-Brown Sugar(fine)

    Looking up
    So I think I can make it into IB or at least my confidence level has risen. Its just my damn biology class that I'm worried about other then that everything else seems to me to be perfect. Also with my girl for me its been a rough ride bet after realizing some things everything is getting better now. At first I was angry because I never talked to her and never saw her in a while. After I talked with her though I realized that it bothered me that I didn't see her in two weeks and I didn't talk to her in a few days. I'm going to definetly see her on Friday, its a party but she said its going to be wack as hell so its just going to be me and her for some alone time. Also she loves to dance, I'm cool with dancing too its just that when the mainstream comes on or if the music is wack I don't really like to dance to it. I'm just going to fold though because I haven't been with her in a WHILE so I just got to suck it up and move with her. I don't mind dancing to "rap" its just it always converts to freak dancing. I have no problem with freak dancing its just yo if I'm going to dry hump someone I might as well just have sex. I don't know after wallowing in my self pity for the last week everything seems to be looking up.

    The dark always seems to envelop someone, even in the darkest rooms theres a light switch. Just make sure you weren't in the dark for a while. When they turn on the light it takes a while to adjust.

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