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h is for hann_h and for ho-bag. (teenagerobot) wrote,
@ 2003-05-07 18:40:00
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    Current mood:ok
    Current music:NBC news in background, yo.

    so yesterday was my birthday... it was a good day, i guess. if i didn't go to school, it would have been better, but there's not much i can or could do about that, right?

    so, you're probably wondering what i got for my birthday... well, this is what i got, baby.
    > a pecan pie birthday cake
    > a new silver keyring from my mama jane & papa gene
    > a target giftcard... i wonder if i can exchange for cash?

    all of it is from tweekitten, which i'd reccomend to anyone... this is copied straight out of an email i got from them... all the ones with triple-stars they don't have in stock. and i'm especially proud of the low prices. yeeee...

    ** M10679 LE TIGRE Feminist Sweepstakes CD
    ** $10.40 each. Quantity of 1... $10.40

    ** M113797 LES SAVY FAV 5-Mar CD
    ** $11.50 each. Quantity of 1... $11.50

    M123418 ERASE ERRATA Other Animals CD
    $8.55 each. Quantity of 1... $8.55

    ** M162666 NUMBERS Numbers Life CD
    ** $8.55 each. Quantity of 1... $8.55

    ** M185806 FAINT Blank-Wave vinyl LP
    ** $8.95 each. Quantity of 1... $8.95

    ** M50944 FUGAZI 13 Songs CD
    ** $10.90 each. Quantity of 1... $10.90

    ** other-0588LP BLONDE REDHEAD Blonde Redhead + La Mia Vita Violenta vinyl LPx2
    ** $11.65 each. Quantity of 1... $11.65

    other-0606 NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL In The Aeroplane Over The Sea CD
    $12.45 each. Quantity of 1... $12.45

    ** other-2184 FRUMPIES Frumpie One Piece CD
    ** $12.35 each. Quantity of 1... $12.35

    > a Nikon CoolPix2000 digital camera
    > a Tom Waits LP from beni (i <3 tom waits)
    > dinner at Genghis Khan with my family & beni.

    and that's about it! i'll be taking pictures of my lovely family & self & surroundings for you all to see in the future with my camera, and that will be nice... it'll become one of those blogs that one only goes to to see the pictures, which was my main goal in the beginning. a joke.

    & i just sent off pictures of my nose piercings to so i can hopefully become an member. it's only for so long that I can look at pictures of the mods on anonymous people-- i want to see the people that have them, i guess. it's fascinating, this whole body modification idea. i have an addiction to becoming acquainted with new kinds of aesthetics... the look and feel and taste people want to project. & i'm overintellectualizing. but it's true.

    and WHOA... the pastor at the church that had the arsenic poisonings is in New Sweden... and my pastor uncle knows the pastor of that church... more on this when i get the facts straight...

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