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TEAwithLemon (teawithlemon) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 21:39:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Latham

    He's got it together.
    -I came to comfort you, but you weren't there. I know you didn't need me at all, but I needed to hold you.-
    I was thinking (I think alot) & I over analyze things, which results in me being paranoid. Anyway, I really feel like I'm moving could be a result of alot of things, but...I'm not as naive. Naive meaning, I think things should be a certain way in my head and I plan them all out, and when they end up turning out completely differently, I'm crushed. Well how naive is it to think that way? That things will always be how I want? I woke up this morning, and I just had this awful feeling at the bottom of my stomach. It was like a reality check, it was kind of like the last three months flashed before my eyes and I didn't like the way it made me feel. I feel as though my intentions are good, but I don't know I let people down. Anyway, Mom Mom and Doris came over tonight for dinner w/ me and mah family. It was "family night". I had plans to go to the bonfire w/ Curly Kim, Benny Boo and Stephanie Poo went. But...since it was family night, ya know I didn't end up going. Not that I'm complaining that I had to spend time w/ my family, its just that I'm spending all week w/ em and I'll be gone next weekend so I won't get to see my friends then. Mom Mom and D were lookin @ some of my pictures, in the homecoming pictures Doris saw Patrick and was like, "He's good looking." haha. Then she saw the Thrice pictures of Teppei and goes, "It looks like he's got it together." It was funny.

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