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Raiven (tealkittie) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 12:26:00
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    The Start of This
    I've started this little diary because I had a little commotion about telling a little secret to my other diary. ( See, this horrible, drama queen person of a boy named Sinclair had some sexual relations with a nice vegan girl named Carrie. It was her first time and she didn't want our little "goth" group to find out about it. Well, that day after the little experience at lunch he was shining like a fucking glow worm toy. And I'm an obvious nosy pervert so I asked my very popular question, "Did you get laid?" He hesitated in his shine and nodded. This huge ass smile crept large on his face. "Yes," he replied. "But I'm not suppose to tell anyone." That there was his mistake not mine. Not only am I nosy it is so hard to keep a secret. In a nice way to put it: I'm honest and open. I don't gossip to bring anyone down, I just tell, get it off my chest. EVERYBODY knows that. And I did not tell anyone personally, face-to-face. The only person I did "hint" at was my best friend at the time, Chelsey. She had overheard, anyway. Then I thought it was safe to write it in my diary since almost no one reads it anymore and if they do it is people in Iowa saying, "Who the fuck is Carrie and Sinclair?"
    He had taking it so far (this is where the drama queen comes in) and told me to fuck off. I don't like confrontations so I avoided places where he might be, places where my "goth" friends are. It kind of scraped the under belly of my friend Chelsey and my relationship since her friend Zack and I broke up. I wish we could hang out again. It’s just that, things always get a little hectic when a friendship of mine hits the peak of three months. A curse I've had since middle school.
    But my talking shit is very true. Mr. Sinclair is a bad person to his friends. In Latin class he balls himself up into the corner and fakes depression. Jen, Sarah, and Tasha are darling dears and go, "Awe, what's the matter Sinclair?" And he sucks people of their compassion. Carrie is a very kind person who would please anyone. Sinclair is apparently a "starving artist" (puh) so he pleads for money from Carrie and everyone else to eat junk.
    And when he was with Carrie, although they were into S&M, he left horrible bruises on her like an overripe banana. It hurts for the other friends to look at her. I wish he would at least keep their little fetish under clothes so it didn't look like he beat her.
    But the whole bruise thing is not just with Carrie. He goes off like a wild man and bites people whom know nothing of the attack until it is there. That's not very pleasant, Sinclair. And other people can back me up on this. I have two friends both are gay and in love with each other. Eric, the black taller one, called Sinclair "the Scum of the Earth." Later on he apologized for the insult but I wish very much that he didn't do that. It's unnecessary. And the counterpart of Eric is Charles, the white hairier one, silently wants to shoot Sinclair with a glock of some kind.
    I agree.
    All this shit that rolled off my chest is just a little bit of dirt from the kind of mountain that has built up over the years. Be prepared.

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