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Kitchi (teal_dragoness) wrote,
@ 2004-11-13 11:09:00
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    Current mood: calm

    Games and the 'morrow
    Well tomorrow's my birthday. Pretty much everyone in my family is way poor right now, so I probably won't get much in the way of gifts. Dad's cooking me my birthday dinner tonight as his present, which is nice. Austin's mom probably won't send anything, seeing as she didn't even have any money to send him something. She just had knee surgery and what-not, so she's busy paying medical stuff and unable to work. I know my mom'll give me something, though. She always does, even though she really shouldn't concidering all she's spent on my car. Sissy's always poor, so I probably won't get anything from her. If I do, it'll be a little something. Even aunty S is struggling some now that she's retired and all. *sigh* Being poor sucks... I wish I could win the lottery or something and just give everyone in my family a big chunk of change. That'd be nice. But on a good note, I at least have my birthday off. My schedule's changed like fifty-bazillion times this week, and now it's back to the way it was originally. *rolls eyes* But whatever, I have the whole weekend off again, which is nice. I have some serious sleeping to catch up on.

    My game is coming along very nicely. I'm quite proud. I got the character listings up, whew. That was a heck of a lot of code. I don't know how Austin could've made all that from scratch. Or the SYGK sections for that matter. That's some crazy coding there. But It's done, yay. Now all that's really left is the % stuff. Need to flesh out the classes more, especially Sorcerer, Healer and Minstral. Spells and prayers always take some time and effort. I should look up the old Bard stuff and copy it over. The majorty of it is mine anyways. I could steal like half of all the msi stuff and not have to worry because we made most of it. We were left with so much unfinished stuff for that game, and we expanded it wonderfully, and then.... Sorry, we're taking it back and starting from scratch. Pffff... you're welcome. You're welcome for taking care of your precious game while you vanished. Have fun with it now, now that your room is perpetually empty.

    Hmmm... well, besides that work seems to slowly be getting back to normal. Except for the hordes of people that keep flooding in. Is it Chsirtmas time already??? Yeesh. But our new girl seems to be doing well. She's eager to help. Very quiet. Hopefully she stays.

    I'm hungry. Maybe we can go snag something when Austin gets home from work. He should be home soon. Oh! He picked up the newest Kareoke Revolution and we played it with M and J last night. J got waaaay drunk. Good lord, that boy has no alcohol tolerance what-so-ever. But it was fun. There's some hard-ass songs on there, though. I simply cannot hit those really low octives. One song I had was all over the place. Up down, up down. Oy. I can sing the mid-to-high stuff just fine.

    Anyways. That's enough for now. If you wanna play my game, check it out. :)

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