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Devereaux (tay182) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 08:06:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:The Climb - No Doubt

    Today was such a peaceful nice day.

    I woke up at about 12:15 and got in the shower. I had a really bad headache and felt like i was out of breath and going to faint. I finally found my glasses, they were in the bathroom drawer, who would have thought?
    I got ready for my mom's aunts party and we left. It was at this place called the Lobster Shack on the Cooper River and wasn't too bad. My savior was Paige. before she came a whole bunch of family was there, some I didn't even know of. Paige and I went to the park with my 3 little cousins and they're parents said I could babysit one time. They live in Marlton near Genuardi's, w00t! i love them. I had a Caeser Salda there, and I'm very proud of me self because i am not the type of person to eat a leafy salad that, I'm more of the fruit salad type ;).

    At about 4:45 we left and made a quick stop at the Cherry Hill mall. I needed to get some more of these shirts they had at Macy's, er-that juniors section cut off from the Macy's. Well I ended up buying two of the shirts I was desiring to buy, turquoise and black, this peachy shirt and two cami's, I'm going to have to return because they are to small. Stopped at Daddy-O's for watter ice and then came home.

    Today was big babysitting day and it wasn't too bad. I walked over there and the two youngsters and I went to the little park. Spent sometime there listening to little Katie ramble about sunglasses and little Michael walking around aimlessly. Katie was a bit hungry so we went back but once we reached home Michael starts bawling because he's desperate to go back. So back we go for a little, finally after just watching him go on the slide we go back, thank you Jesus ;). Back at the house we go and I find the electronic globe you pick out places with, it was fun. Katie wanted to do my hair so I allowed her. After the first pigtail or whatever Michael seems as though he wants to go to the park again but we really couldn't so then he stomps off to get a yogurt drink, walks into the tv room with it facing down and gets it all over the floor and somehow on my white shirt, ahhh! I clean up and clean my shirt. Katie finishes my hair and then their mother comes home. I get $8, eh that means $4 an hour, not too bad for the first day, I'd like more but that might be greedy :\

    I woke home and try on my stuff, now I am online. I couldn't go to the show tonight :( :( because my mommy has some chiggers or "itchies" and she is half asleep on the couch because she just took a Benadryl, Jared is trying to get a movie plan together, he's asking Adam and such, I might go, I just need a ride.

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