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Devereaux (tay182) wrote,
@ 2004-06-24 19:56:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:none

    Losing your imaginiation
    I talked to Brian the sexy beast online today, it was very nice because I haven't spoke with him since school ended.

    At about 12:50 I rode quickly over to the Monti's area. I met up with Allie. We had a little crach in the parking lot, ugh. Then met up with Alyssa and Ashley minutes later and we had a lunch in Monti's. I orded the notorious broccoli pizza and water. We chatted amongst a variety of subjects, one concerning braces, ah the toothy. Allie and I got our applications for a job :\ :). Then to 7-11 and I got a Baby Bottle Pop, Ashley got this slammin' Spiderman that grows in water. I told her in 72 hours we're having a traditional Gyna meeting and I'm visitng Spidey. We sat out listening to Rubberbandman. Then left and rode aruond the old people homes, it's so relaxing. Back to Allie's we go swimmming. Today's fun theme was going under water and blowing bubbles in people's ass's. It was amusing. We sat out and then went back to bike riding. We went over to Sexy Rexy and then knocked for Chris, nobody was home. Then we rode down to Maria's and chatted it up with her for a little. Alyssa had to leave so we went up to the Country Farms entance and waited for her mommy while making weird laughs. I love Ashley's, it reminds me of her dog for some very odd reason. Back down toawrds Fox Hill where we spot Chris skating, we decided to go and talk with him. He finally got more shorts, God bless you child. Ashley and him went inside to play drums, while Allie and I sat outside and waited. Since Hercules doesn't enjoy the drumming Ms.Anastasio comes out and talks with us, I pet Herc and he liked it, w00t! Chris's mamma says,"I know if Chris see's me sitting down with you two he'll be angry but oh well," she sits down and about a minute and a half later Chris storms to his front door and screams, "MOM!!!!!!!!!" That was her cue to go away. :( not cool not cool at all. Allie and I sit and then realize we kind of have to leave so I get Ashley and we ride back to Allie's because her Spidey was in the Scuba Steve goggles. Ashley and I ride out of Allie's circle and go our separate ways.

    I ride home, nice and peaceful. I arrive to my mom just finishing up my scrambled egg omlet, owww. I eat and read August's issue of J-14, this is the best way to past time son. I go online and read Erica's depressing convo, sorry apple pie.

    My mom says we have to go to Wal-Mart so we go as a family, wow what a night going to Wal-Mart as a family. Get a few things yada yada yada. I get a BRANDNEW bike seat, gel byotch and it has red lights on the back so ya know those crazy fella passerbyer's can see me. Then I go to get my 8th graduation dance pictures. No such luck for the 2nd time. This happened to me before with the pictures from Diana's party, and you know what I'll be REAL upset and angry if they're lost. :(

    Too bad I can't go to the Falls with my hot friends, Dana and company, this sucks your cock.

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