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Tasha (tasha1981) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 01:09:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Meatloaf - Piece Of The Action

    'One of those days....'
    I got a phone call from someone I havent spoken to directly for a while, and after 'Hello' the first thing he asked was 'Are you ok?' sounding worried...the truth? no, but I will be!
    It's just been a difficult day today and I've done things which no-one would ever understand how hard it was to do for me personally, but although Im emotionally exhausted I came out smiling, not because I'm happy with it but because I wasnt sure I could even though it might seem trivial, but - it had to be done and anyone who wanted confirmation or proof as to my standing on something which is going on at the moment, has it.

    Actually you know, I had intentions of writing a bit here but I've lost the inspiration so I'll leave you with a song which I'm playing at the moment! lol
    To all - a good night! xx

    Meatloaf - Piece Of The Action

    Somewhere a red-eyed waitress glances at another movie magazine
    Down on the corner there's a grocery boy stuffin' boxes fulla hungry dreams
    Someone's cleanin' up the offices, one window burnin' in the dark
    Somebody's cryin' is there any way in hell
    To light a comet from a single spark

    Workin' so hard I can't remember much about the freedom I been workin' for
    Felt like a prisoner 'til I looked in your eyes
    And saw a million wide open doors
    You tell me put a little money away, well every dog will have his day in time
    Well I been slavin' like a dog and I got nothin' to show ya
    But a collar and a fist fulla nickels and dimes

    I want a piece, a piece of the action,
    give me a shot at the real thing
    I want a piece of the action, a piece of the action
    Gonna turn on the master, gonna cut these strings
    Gonna turn on the master, gonnacut these strings

    Been livin' just like my old man did and neither once of us could get it right
    Punchin' in when the day begins and punchin' out the local boys at night
    There's someone leanin' on a peelin' porch
    And someone leavin' on a silver plane
    And I finally know the man I'd rather be
    Girl I won't be back to getcha 'til they know my name

    They hand you a paycheck every week and steal a piece of your soul every day
    An' I don't need no gold watch in fifty years, baby let's be golden today

    Somewhere a red-eyed waitress glances at another movie magazine
    Down on the corner there's a grocery boy stuffin' boxes fulla hungry dreams

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