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Lis (tarotalchemist) wrote,
@ 2005-05-28 19:41:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:~melissa's xanga song~

    OMG!!! the flying sushi and the jazz record player!!!
    dreams are weird. i will tell you the one i had last night. here i go...

    okay, i was sitting by the edge of the lake with melissa. it was night so everything was shadowed and lighted by the moon gently resting in the sky above the water. we were sitting on the grass watching these little cherries dance in a circle. and then out of no where steve pops out of the water. we're just sitting there is shock and melissa goes "what the fuck!? where did you come from!?" and he said, " oh you know! but guess what!? i found purple bubbles at the bottom. when you pop them they insult you. its hilarious" after some moments of silence heather comes bounding out of the trees wearing cat ears and paws. she leaps next to us, only able to say meow. so we all just sit there listening to heather's meows. after a little bit of that, steve gets up and hops in the water singing, "tiny bubbles, in the wine, make me feel happy, make me feel fine" and he disappears. heather then walks over to the water and begins catching a mountain of fish with this anime cat like smile. it twas cute. melissa and i were like "okaaaaay" so we decided to walk the around the lake, all the while you can here water-filled singing from the lake(steve) and purrs(heather). so there we are, walking and talking about sexual experiences when we happen upon nnenna, mark, and faith. nnenna was a rabbit thing, mark was something like a mad hatter, and faith was sitting in a huge dotted dress. all of them were playing cards and passing around a pipe. so we join them. every puff that came out made a tune, so it was a circling song of nothing while we were playing some game that involved stripping. of course melissa was winning(at the fear of loosing her fleece). so after that we jump into the lake and play with the insulting bubbles and chase the fishies. and as i was about to catch one....
    i woke up.
    so thats it. yea. pretty fucked up.

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