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Tara Lynn Winegarden (tarawinegarden) wrote,
@ 2003-05-07 15:31:00
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    Time keep moving by
    I have come to realise that things for me have been far to quiet. I am especially refering to Abby, and how I am sure she is planning my death at this very moment, and I would be lying if I didnt say that scares the hell out me. I'm not some brave gryffindor here...nope, just a hufflpeuff who is most likely going to be hurt in someway very soon...thanks to Abby, and thanks to my horrible temper at times. Oh well, all I can do is wait, and pray that she will hopefully leave me the hell alone. Truth be told, in a battle she would win.
    Ok off that subject, it is making me go insane if I havr to think of it anymore. I have to say that I talked to steve breifly. I didn't say much...didn't have a chance to and I'm still FAR to chicken to say anything truely meaningful to him. He's still pretty out of it so I think I'll wait for a while before I really let him know how I feel. The history between us two is so weird...I mean, he was just an ass to me sometimes, and he used me alot as well..but for some stupid reason I just keep crawling back...I'm like a damn lost pathetic! Oh well, he's different now (yeah utterly dperessed) but still, I hope things start to look up fpor the both of us, because I miss steve....he is such a great guy....and so damn sexy I can't even put it into words! That thing he does with his tongue on my neck..oh I'm going to stop or I'll start screaming!
    Oh one more thing, Harry....yes Harry Potter, who else? I've been noticing him, not in a bad way...well I suupose since he is married, it has been in a bad way but I can't help it damn it! That scar...that hair...those muscles...ok ok again I need to control myself...but really, he is the hottest seeker this side of...well hottest seeker ever! If he's that agile on a broom I'm wondering...ok ok...again bad thoughts! I'm so bad really...I wish I could just get all the dirty little details out of Hazel...and I mean EVERYTHING....but she is rather secretive about her and Harry that way...I probably would be to...but still...I wana know damn it!
    Ok enough writing...I'm in desperate need of a potion to curse this headache! And maybe one to work up some nerve...but oh well!
    ~*Tara Winegarden*~

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