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Tara Lynn Winegarden (tarawinegarden) wrote,
@ 2003-05-02 21:45:00
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    Current mood: angry

    The Letter
    I woke up this morning and had the horrible unfortunate luck of finding a letter written to me by none other then "Abby". It was just lovely...actually I think I'll write the actual letter here, that way I will always remember just how much I hate abby, and exactly why!

    To Whomever may have picked up this letter, please give it to Tara Winegarden, and do not continue reading, for it is only common courtisy to not read others mail.

    Dear Tara,

    I have no intentions of making this a friendly letter, quite on the contrary, I want to let you know a few things...something that may, shall we say, enlighten you. I have seen how you are rather obviously infatuated with Steve, which is, I am guessing, why you suddenly decided to attack me. But see dear, it is pointless. You may be stuck on him, but the cold fact is that he doesn't have any feelings for you. I am amazing myself at how calmly I am putting this, but really, I know alot about him now, and the stupid git is still stuck on Hazel. It does seem we have one thing in coomon, the need to take her out of the picture.
    Now do NOT think for one tiny second that I am about to let you off for what you did to me, hitting someone in the face when their nose is still freshly broken is far from kind. I will deal with this at a later time, I want you to think about that though...I want you to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat from having dreams about me standing over your bed with a knife. Keep that mental imagine, for it may be reality all to soon. But for now, I need your help. Well I don't really need it, it would just make my job a hell of alot easier if you would be so kind as to comply.
    Seeing as Hazel stands in my way still, she is clinging to Harry as if she he were oxygen, it is sickening, and leaves me little time to try to get him alone. Now what I need your help with is some informtaion. Meet me at the lake, tomorrow at 5 pm, he sharp, if you are not there on time, I will call this whole meeting off, and I may...decide to take that punishment for you...not only out on you...but perhaps some of your other friends...say Steve? I'm sure he is so weak he could easily be I strongly advice you to be a sport and play along.
    -Abby Blackstone

    That was the letter...horrible eh? Yes, I think so and if she thinks that I am going to comply to her will for even one second, she has another thing coming! Seriouly, who the HELL does she think she is! Sure...7th year, I got it, but she isn't "god" which is what she acts like! She almost killed Steve...I still haven't talked to him, and really..I'm scared to. I missed him so much and I was stricken when I found out he slipped into a coma that I could hardly breathe. But thast what it is always liek with him...I can hardly breathe...oh well seems thats the story of my life "girl loves boy who will never love her back"no sence in dwelling on it I suppose.
    So tahst the sad story of today...I desperately NEED to find Hazel or harry...if I could get them out of the bedroom long enough for a talk maybe I could tell them just how cracked abby is. Anyways unilt later

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