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Tara (taramac) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 19:20:00
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    Current mood: nerdy
    Current music:American Soldiers

    It is what it is
    So yesterday after a whole month of waiting, the results for Grand Nationals were released. Westfield was first of course, Reagan got second by .05!! And L.D.Bell got fifth with a 93.... yeah... Kinda reminds me of that saying i've been seeing everywhere- "Failure: When your best just isn't enough." Now I in no way think we failed, don't get me wrong.. but it's just kinda disappointing that after so much hard work.. man, so hard... we didn't really max out like we thought we would. But it was an amazing season and an amazing ending to my marching band life, so I can't really complain. Now, I am SO proud of Reagan! For being such a young school they have managed to accomplish so much in the last 4 years and are quickly on their way to being a major powerhouse in Texas (and Nationally, as well.) They have also maintained their amazing attitudes and are some of the nicest people in the activity. Now, I think it's very generous that BOA decided to fill us in on how all the hard work.. blood sweat and tears.. payed off at Nationals. It's just a shame that the experience of being SECOND IN THE NATION by .05 PTS was stolen from Reagan. That wouldve been so bad A for them... Anyways.. enough about that. The only thing left to say is: 5th, BOA sucks, Twinkle twinkle little star, monkey judges, Meet George Jetson...... seeing cute friends, Riverside (?) Community College, starbucks! Cavaliers booth? getting stuck in Chicago, Reagan hotel, seeing the westfield rapper multiple times in our hotel, Carmel bandhall (bleh), warm up solo-age the day before performance, Winners in life.

    But anyways, enough of that... 2nd to area means I have to work my BUTT off these next three weeks. Mrs.G told me I need to practice at least 2 hours a night and she said if she were in my place she'd practice 6-8 (but I don't see that happening.) I want to make it so bad so I really need to bust my butt.. if anyone would like to offer some extrinsic motivation, it'd be appreciated highly! w00t piccolo.

    Wow, it's kinda sad that this whole post is about band... but I guess that's all my life is anyways, so it's all good

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