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Tanya Nicole (tanyanicole) wrote,
@ 2004-06-05 20:53:00
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    Current mood: awake

    Welcome Back!
    Well I know this isn't the Journal I started with on the Monkey lounge but for some reason the other one just wouldn't let me in anymore :( So I was forced to come back to this Blurty journal which I had used before and like better anyway! So here's to a new start, new adventures and all that great stuff. I also finally got my computer back so I am way excited about that. So much has happened in the past few weeks that I haven't been able to share and it's way to much to back track so I'll just touch on the key events.

    Let's start with my Road Trips with Susie to see Shelly, Jules and them!
    It's been so much fun. I am super happy that I have made a great new friend who I share so much in common with. I look forward to all the fun road trips just like the ones we have had already and am counting the days till VEGAS! Now that's definantly gonna be a blast no doubt!
    I'm even happier that I have been able to see Monkey alot lately. I don't think any one understands just how happy I am around that boy! Ughh It's such a crazy and new feeling but it's great and I cross my fingers he and I can be friends for a very very long time.

    And now Banda Recodo
    Lisa and Sam I am so glad that you all got to finally meet them. Now you all know why I talk so highly of them and why I just think Poncho is the greatest. People like them are so rare these days (sigh) I tell ya you all got the entire experiance. The mini food fight, The marriage proposal, The Recodo Gear and great pics that you all better cherish for the rest of your crazy life's ha ha.. I tell ya I can't wait to see them in Houston I missed them as soon as we drove away. Maybe Joel will do his Puss in Boots Impression for us again LMAO!

    More later I'm out now

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