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Tami (taminator28) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 21:39:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    March 3, 2004
    Today was a somewhat good day... it started out getting ready for school blah blah and then leaving to go to school. First period i was surprised that mr whittin didn't yell at us because we were doing other stuff there was aobut 7 people in the class and it was boring.. so jenn and i worked on math..that is due tomorrow. 2nd period mrs. ferber tells the people that were in there which there were maybe 6 or 7 that juniors and seniors didn't have to come to school if they have a note the next day.. i was like geesh...i shouldn't have come to school.. so we watched the wedding singer.. then the period ended and it was off to 3rd cept i stayed in ferber and finished watching the movie.. then on to 4th we finish extra credit and our essays... easy cheezy.... 5ht finished watching a movie... then 6hth daniel was there and we stretched and did a whole bunch a stuff.. felt good... then 7th i went there late cause erica and i went to the attick and looked around for stuff for band banquet...... then did nothing. after school i came home did whatever then went and saw my baby.. after that i went out to dinner with chrissy and her family... that was fun.. here i am writeing but i'm gonna go because i'm tired.. so have a wonderful night...
    baby if you are readin... i love you and i'm sorry for earlier... have a good night ok..!!!!
    love yas

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