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Tami (taminator28) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 21:33:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:~nothing~

    ~Life is just so interesting~
    Gosh.. i dont even know where to begin. I know i know i'm trying to write in here. Just sometimes it's so hard when you are busy. Today was a blah day cept for being with Kraig. I worked at 7oclock in the morning... untill 3:30. Not a very fun day at work. My feet were killing me from the parade last night. Got back late and then i went over to Kraigs house it.. was soo sweet... when i got over there he came outside blind folded me and then took me to the bathroom.. so i could get my bathing suit on(cause we were going in the jacuzi) i got done and i walked out there and it was so sweet he had candlea around the jacuzi and drinks for us.. and crakers and cheese and grapes.. he's the best. anyways... friday was practice and that was some hell.. let me tell you i dont even want to get into that. I dind't like friday.. at all.. got hit in the nose cut my finger just a bad day.. so basicallt that was my weekend. Tonight kriag came over and had dinner with us it was funny... and tonight my night has been made.... had a great conversation with my boyfiend just like we always do... and i talked to the one person that i know no matter where i go in life will always be my friend. 14 years of friendship and it's always gonna be there...
    Kraig i love you so much thank you for everything you do for me.. and for being there for me through everything....... night baby..

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