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|:|\.Jamie./|:| (talim) wrote,
@ 2004-05-20 21:47:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:GreenDay- "Time of Your Life"

    Lots of things happened since Rapids. Well Wednesday (sp?) there was an essembly for ALL eight graders so in 5th hour we were supposed to go, it was something about drinking and driving you know it was importante! Well ONE kid in our class was being bad so Mr. Rickman had to go be an asshole and say we couldn't go. I wasn't mad about not seeing the essembly, cause I could really care less, but it was the principle of not letting us go when we didn't do anything. So Camillo gets up and then Silva, Sam, Me, Matt, and Christina got up and left. Well let me tell you I am not one to be doing this kind of stuff, no I'm not a goody good I just don't like being bad like that lol. Well I was and I got a referral and a saturday school which really sucks ass. I only told my mom about the saturday school, she don't need to know about the referral lol. So I have to get up at EIGHT in the morning!! That SUCKS!! Oh well...

    Today Deandhra and Debra signed my year book and each took up a half a page and omg I was crying because I was so sad. I'm leaving in the summer for some hick place up by Tamp so I might never see them again, you know? So yeah...

    Actually our concert went REALLY REALLY well and we gave Mrs. Owens her plack (I don't know how to spell it -_-;;) and everything. We were all crying in the end because of One Voice One Song. So many memories have with all these peple and I'm going to be leaving them.

    ok I'm crying now so I'd better go, bye!


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