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|:|\.Jamie./|:| (talim) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 20:33:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Anggun- "Rose in the Wind"

    EEHHH!!! I'm so hyper right now, omg omg omg!! AHH AHH AHH AHHH *sounding like Veronica* HAHAHAH!! That's so HILAIOUS!! Sorry you probably don't know what I'm talking about do ya'? Well I'm not gonna say because if I do someone might read and tell a certain *singsong voice* SOME ONE!! *end singsong voice* Alrighty? Its all good though homes *peace sign*

    OKKK, let us get on to more importante matters...not really...

    Ok, well let's see my party was FRICKIN' AWESOME!! It really really was, you should have been there omg omg omg!! Ok well I got $312 and like wow!! I also got a video camera from my mom (like I wasn't expecting that hehe ^^;;), I got a photo album from Kaykay, a shirt from Aunt Renee and Steve, a pretty pretty bracelet from Debra, a stuffed camal from Allie which is UBER CUTE, and...bath stuff (cucumber melon yum ^_^) from MegMeg!!

    Debra, Melanie, Lexi, Bobbi, and Jenn spent the night and Gio stayed till like 10 and we all went on the dirtbike and they loved it lol. Then Gio left, sad sad, and I tape recorded a lot of stuff because I was being dumb and didn't have a tape in it when I recorded all the crap at mis party. God I should slam my head against something!!!

    Well anyways about today...well wait first I have to tell you what I boughts with me moolah!! I bought a red jansport bookerbagger, Volume 1 of Kodocha, Volume two of Demon Diary, and dun dun dun Volume two of Fruits Basket...FINALLY!! OMG OMG OMG You do not know how LONG I have been LOOKING for it!! It was really irritating me!! Well I found it so well, like...go me! I also bought Lost Prophets cd and Neon Genesis Evangelion v.1 from target with mis giftcard.

    Well back to today-

    Math- Finished up our review thingy
    Chorus- Are you that dumb?
    FFEA- Graded and gave out tests and didn't have enough time to finish my Lang. Arts HW *sob*
    Lang. Arts- Didn't even turn in the journal ^^;; *sparkle sparkle* Took tests on 17 and 18 and chatted about the bookie...oh yeah... PINGA!! HAHA, my all time favorite spanish word!! Hehe...
    History- Watched a video on the Korean war and OMG OMG OMG I paid attention!! w00t! Go me!! *celebration*
    Science- notes and video!!

    After schools mesa had a NJHS thingy and I got my speech paper and then I went to chorus rehersal.

    It was an all around good day...not really, but hey whatever...




    Ne wfavorite Anggun!! WOO, They rock!!

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