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|:|\.Jamie./|:| (talim) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 17:57:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Phil Collins- "Look Through my eyes"

    Something happened and blurty was being gay so I couldn't update or even VIEW my journal. It sucked, but I'm back so w00t!

    Got a new icon. Aww its Shuichi and Yuki kissing ;_; so sweet! I'm way obsessed with Gravitation right now, I have a Gravi backround and Gravi winamp skin @_@ I'm getting really pissed off because whenever I got to Walden Books they never have the 3rd volume! I NEED the third volume!! I'm buying the anime when I get my birthday money, I already have that decided. So...yep...^^;;

    ...Just killed a flea...

    God, Kazaa is being really retarded right now and I'm getting all pissed off. It keeps saying remote everytime it tries to download the song...-_-;; Grr...So I tried disconnecting and connecting again and HOPEFULLY it will be better.

    dude, today was SO awesome! First hour we worked on some worksheet but it was fun lol. In second hour we had a sub. and Debra spilled water on the front of Sunny's pants and then Sunny got her back. Then, Debra got Katie and she went up to the sub. and was telling her she pissed her pants, god it was funny. Then she came up behind me and got me soaked and then I soaked her and we all had a big water fight in the hall. I was walking to third hour and everyone turns around and goes OH JAMIE HAS WET PANTS!!

    Kazaa wasn't being gay the song is just messed

    It was really funny.

    The feild day thing was AWESOME with a capital everything! We walked around and had water fights, omg it rocked! Jenn and I were running away from Melanie because she was trying to wet us and so I ran behind some kids and ducked and Jenn went around the way I didn't think she was coming around and she tripped over my ankle and flipped on the ground, oh god it was FUNNY!!! So yeah I got soaked, but I had lots and lots of fun ^_^!!!

    Some guys came to the house today to resurface our bathtub because its all crapped up and we can't use that bathroom for TWO DAYS!! Now we all have to share ONE bathroom!! That BLOWS!! I hate taking a shower in my moms bathroom because mine is better!! GAH!!

    I don't have anything else to say...sigh...well ok...

    I'm leaving then...


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