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|:|\.Jamie./|:| (talim) wrote,
@ 2004-04-23 22:20:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Do as Infinity- "Fukai Mori"

    Crappy Day
    Yeah, today was a rather crappy day...If I ever even think about staying up later than usual without being hyper I'm slaming my head on a table and telling myself I'm stupid. I swear i was so 'out of it' today and totally freakin' sucked. I was so happy I took a shower the night before so I got an extra half an hour of sleep, but my showers usually wake me up and well I didn't take one in the morning...damn I'm dumb...Oh well I needed that extra half an hour ::pout:: Ask Vero and Sunny man, I was like delirious on the bus this morning, all woo and the like. I hate being like that, it gets really annoying. When we got to school I gave my cousin her cds and I forgot to give Ashley her invite, dammit I'm such a forgetful person. I gave Katie hers though, so at least I remembered SOMETHING. First hour we had a quiz, oh damn I was really not in the mood to think... I was even more not in the mood to explain things over and over again to people ::cough:: Sam...Yeah ok on Dave the Barbarion the princess is dancing with a pimple...animated or not that's gross...::shudder:: Ok well, um, anyways in second hour we just hung out for a bit then we sung, I wasn't really in the mood to sing either, especially when we spent so much time going over part two's part in Once Voice One Song, I mean I know we have to for the people who didn't do that part last year but I already know it and its just boring and I sound concieted or something? Whatever. I don't care if I do, I still don't wanna sing the damn part so much >.< 3rd hour I graded...and graded...and would be much easier if the damn kids were a lot smarter, than I wouldn't be sitting there counting on my fingers to find out how much % it is for 15 out of 20 wrong...stupid idiots. Why couldn't I be an aid for an advanced class? Well actually I like the dumb classes better because they talk to me lol, when the smart kids are too afraid they'll get in yeah...In fourth hour...hmm...oh yeah we did a word search and oh Karyna bit my finger and it was bleeding...Karyna has some SHARP stung for a while...

    ...I so got rabies...

    5th hour we got out pictures...

    ...I'm never smiling for a camera again...

    My pictures blow...I mean seriously, THEY SUCKED!!! I HATE school pictures, I look good most of the time in regular pictures but when i have to sit there and smile and pose for some gay little camera man my pictures always SUCK! Maybe its just me? I'm so not buying them I don't give a damn if Kayla wants one or not I'm sure she's got a whole shit load of crappy pictures of me at her house, she can use one of those. 6th hour took a test...Debra was writing down everything Karyna and I said...she's dumb...She also kept touching my butt only for the sole purpose of the way I react...jumping in the air...I really don't find it that hilarious...yeah ok maybe I do...I also snorted when I was laughing...that doesn't happen a lot, only when I'm--ok nevermind scratch that I was gonna say when I'm laughing really hard but I'm also laughing really hard Debra accused me of touching her crotch at lunch today, when both of my hands we on the table eating my chips and her leg was across my lap because she's a freakin' weirdo...I found it kind of pointless to even try pushing her off she just keeps putting it back on, so whatever , hell with it lol. I'm almost possitive now Daniel thinks I'm a lesbian, if not then bi, all thanks to Debra of course...who else would kiss me on the cheek a total of a lot of times on the bus home. No one but Debra...I have the weirdest friends...::sigh:: but I love them all to death. Well let's see we rented movies, I got Cheaper by the Dozen, though I wanted to get Akira, my mom got Identity, and my bro got Matrix Revolutions, both I want to see. I already watched Cheaper by the Dozen, it was funny and really good. We hate checkers, it was good...I'm really full right now...Tomorrow My mom and i are are giving ourselves facials and peticures, I love doing that crap with my mom, she's so cool to hang out with. I *heart* my madre!! Ok well I'm leaving now, ta-ta!


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