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|:|\.Jamie./|:| (talim) wrote,
@ 2004-04-21 19:03:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Phil Collins- "Look Through my eyes"

    Dude I think I have frigin' ADD!! No, no add, A.D.D!!! HOLY SHIT!! I come home and I watched tv, after five minutes I got bored and I was like oh hey I'll just listen to bored after five minutes, so I go play playstation, got bored AGAIN! so I called Debra but she had to go to churcy so I couldn't talk talk no more no more!! Oh FUCK YEAH!! I et to stay home tomorrow!! YIPPEE!! GO ME!! I really need tomorrow to sleep in, I was up till three in the morning on a sugar high and its really starting to hit me now...dammit. Well let's today, what happened today? Nothing really inteestin happened today? I don't think anything relatively interesting happened but I guess nothing super interesting ever happens to me so whatever. Let's see on the bus I was in complete hysterics, laughter and such, and after school I made it up my drive way and as soon as I got up in I fell on my ass and started cracking up about nothing...My brother is like uh...Jamie? Aren't you gonna come inside? I just told him no and laid down on my driveway till my dad drove up. Well ok 1st hour we went over some paper, nothing 'special' or anything. Second hour we always...WHY WOULD TODAY BE ANY DIFFERENT?! Lol ok today in 3rd hour Mr. Earnest was a real ass and kicked me out of the office and told me to stay and the back instead. Dude, HELLO!? I'm fucking bored as fuck and you want me to sit in the back and twittle my thumbs?! I was fucking doing my fucking homeowrk anyway, Sam and I weren't even talking!! Stupid old man >.< !!! 4th hour we found we have to do some gayass project on colors, god its so fucking stupid. Mrs. McClain is dumb, I hope she falls and breaks her stupid hip. Actually I hope the same for Mr. Rickman too. Stupid old people, why are they always so mean? Well in Mr. Rickman's class I kept nodding off, like seriously my eyes would close and its like I was drifting in and out of sleep. But then I got into 6th hour and I woke back up. I sat by Karyna because Debra wasn't there, which is good because I LOATHE sitting by the door and I LOATHE opening the door for every single stupid fucker who knocks!! Hehe well let's see I was hyper again on the bus and I was about to shove Daniel out the small ass windows, which is possible actually, Eldrin jumped through one the other day because he didn't have his bus card lol. Well oh yes in second hour Sunny and Kayla, and Vero were all crying because next year we're gonna be gone and everything and we were practicing our end of theyear song so yeah...Ok well I'ma go now adidas!


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