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Takara (takara_ttoadlet) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 16:57:00
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    my dream i had last night
    OH MAN.. Boy did I have an ODD dream last night!! I went to bed shortly after RP-ing.. Lol.. So I guess it effected my train of thought while I slept :S or something.. Haha… the dream was really interesting though… like… I don’t know… *shrug* It included my Toadlet characters, and some of your characters, Tinker Jet…. I will tell it to ya here in the way I saw it……

    Vidanric, Takara, Jaylor, Silvee, and Zutoad were all in the forest, walking towards my toadlet’s home… I don’t know why… but that’s what I dreamed… anyway……. It went like this..

    Jaylor: .. We are nearly there *smile*
    Zutoad: its about time.. *looks at Vidanric and Silvee who are in the rear of the group, actually quite a distance from the rest of the group, holding hands and talking with each other* I don’t think I could take much more of this mushyness…
    Takara: *laughs* We still have some ways to go… unfortunately…
    Jaylor: *looks around* do you hear anything?
    Takara: besides them *points to Vidanric and Silvee* no….
    Zutoad: *listening* your right.. It is pretty quiet for a forest….
    Jaylor: that’s what I thought… *looks to the skies nervously*
    Takara: *looks scared* you don’t think Thorm is near by do you?

    Vidanric: *suddenly stops what ever he had been saying to Silvee and looks around*
    Silvee: what is it?
    Vidanric: shhh! *a birds screech is heard from somewhere in the sky, not to close, but not far enough away for Vidanric to be comfortable* THORM! Move! *he starts running to catch up with the others, Silvee with him*
    Jaylor: *heard the screech, and Vidanric, he looks worried* we need to hurry! Before Thorm gets closer! *the group then begins to move together, quickly, but cautiously, towards the safety of the pond.. They reach a clearing.. The same place had died.. But the don’t take notice at first, they are to scared, but then Silvee trips… over the partially submerged emerald sticking out of the ground, that marked where Jenneth was buried.*
    Vidanric: *turns abruptly to help Silvee, and notices what she tripped over,* .. Are you ok? *he asks, while helping her up, but his eyes keep drifting down to the emerald*
    Silvee: yeah.. I think im ok….. What is that? *looks down at the emerald*
    Vidanric: *sighs, and is about to say something, when suddenly they hear Thorm’s cry, from MUCH closer now*
    Takara: *the rest of the groups is a little further ahead now, cause they didn’t stop as quickly as Vidanric had* VIDANRIC GET OUT OF THERE! *not far behind Vidanric and Silvee, Thorm is flying, preparing for a dive towards them*
    Vidanric: *turns and sees Thorm began his attack* GOOO! *he pushes Silvee forward, towards the others, and attempts to follow her, but knows it is no use to run from a bird of prey like Thorm, he stops and faces Thorm, raising his staff*
    Zutoad: SILVEE!
    Takara: *tries to run to her brother, but Jaylor grabs her, and holds her there* LET GO! LET GO LET GO!
    Jaylor: Thorm would kill you too!
    Silvee: *stops, noticing Vidanric stopped, and turns to run back to him*
    Vidanric: *begins a chant, watching as Thorm comes closer.. He didn’t know if he would be able to deflect the attack or not.. But at least this way Thorm would get him… not Silvee….. Thorm was now much closer, his claws outstretched, ready to grab up Vidanric, and Vidanric let his spell loose… a large gust of wind exploded from his staff, and hit Thorm square in the chest…. Thorm let out an annoyed/ painful screech, as he was knocked backwards, and onto the ground, sliding for a moment, before turning himself upright again, and jumping back into the air with an Angered screech*
    Silvee: *runs to Vidanric’s side, ignoring her brother* Are you stupid!? *catching her breath, she hugs him.. She had thought Thorm had him for sure*
    Vidanric: *hugs back, shaking.. Full of nerves..* maybe I am….*weak smile.. Then frowns… as he hears another screech*
    Vidanric: *notices to late, as Thorm is only seconds away, Claws outstretched, no time to work another spell…* Get down! He pushes Silvee to the ground, trying to shield her with his own body.. He would not let Thorm get Her…. Not his Silvee…….Not like he got Jenneth…… Thorm reaches out, and grabs the toadlet he can reach… Vidanric, who winces as he feels himself being lifted.. The world slows down, as if they were suddenly tossed into slow motion*
    Takara: *screams for her brother…. She can sense his pain, and his fear….*
    Jaylor: *shocked into silence…*
    Zutoad: *also shocked…*

    Vidanric: *suddenly.. And unexpectedly, he is let go, and falls the tiny distance he had been lifted… not even a foot in the air… “what had happened!?” he thought painfully, before blacking out from the pain.*

    Takara: * her Jaylor and Zutoad watch in amazement, and shock, as suddenly, many small stones fly through the air, hitting the bird… out of the bushes runs about 9 lizards, in the lead.. The lizard Jenneth had died saving…* IT’S THE LIZARD!
    Jaylor: *takes this as his cue to move, he runs down, and with his own staff, he begins a chant…. Using his magic to throw bigger stones at Thorm, who is now thrashing angrily in the air, as he is hit by more and more stones…*
    Thorm: *lets out a few more angry screeches, and is suddenly hit in the eye bye a stone…. He closes his eyes and lets out a painful squawk, as he takes to the skies… no meal was worth such pain…*
    Silvee: *brusied, and a bit scratched from being thrown to the ground, has gotten up, and run to Vidanric’s side, who is still blacked out, and bleeding*


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