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Lindsey (taintedhalo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 04:28:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:sublime- Date Rape

    Well its been awhile since i've last written in this damn thing and well a lot has happened lets the fact that jesse now has a girlfriend...from what i understand from what katie has told me shawn wants to talk to steve i guess has a thing for me and well obviously jon does too and i dont really know what to do im not really sure if i like jon or not i just don't feel like i want to be tied down at the moment i know i have in the past but right now i really dont i want to go out and have fun no worries i dont want to have to limit myself when it comes to hanging out with guys for fear that someone would get jealous and well guys i just want you all to know that i am 100 percent over jesse i just see him as a friend now no interest and i don't even know if i view him as that much because well hes just well jesse and this whole jon thing has me confused katie wants me to go for that and i just dont know if its really what i want right now u know and no katie im not saying anything bad about you or what not or i don't feel pressured im just well i just don't know...i mean when im with him its the most confusing thing because i think its the whole attention thing again...i love attention and it makes me think i like someone when really what i like is the attention its self so i have to figure all this bullshit out and i kinda like justin but you know he just fucked some slutty sarah girl saturday night can we say nasty so nasty...i mean yea shes pretty and all but she is a slut regardless because well shes engaged and sleeping with other people yes she has an open realtionship and all that but still sick!!! well im tired and i don't know what else to bitch about so here goes this

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