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My crazy life on a 12x8 inch screen (tahdah) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 08:01:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Happy frappy - by Guster

    im totally stoked!
    omg im comming home in T -minus....well T-minus something hours!! Although the day was a little hairy at some points it went ok. I've finally packed all my bags up and cleaned the room, but ok get this, no matter what i do i always have more stuff when im going home then when im actually going somewhere. It doesnt matter if i dont buy anything, its just always like that and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! Im excited about the school year that has, unfortunately, come up so fast. I Think its going to be good though. What in batmans trousers am i talking about? im so weird sometimes.....
    Anyways i hope you like my new journal, it took me a little while to make it, soo yah!
    haha oh god the other day i actually used a wordy-derd (dirty word for those of you that dont speak dorkus) it felt good, i surprised myself a little bit though. BUT WHATEVER, im a snob sometimes what can i say? we all get a few times to act like that. I might abuse the right though.
    Im just so stoked about comming home and seeing all my friends that DIDNT CALL ME while ive been here, i hope you guys have guilty consience's!!! (im deff just kidding)
    wow im a weirdo, later.

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