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tabletpcgoogle (tabletpcgoogle) wrote,
@ 2012-08-20 22:31:00
Previous Entry  Add to memories!  Add to Topic Directory  Tell a Friend!  Next Entry | promotion SocBlue Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapter For iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android | promotion SocBlue Bluetooth Dual SIM Adapter For iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android, Accept wholesale order

    Socblue Bluetooth Apple Peel case,dual SIM card Converter,S Peel Case ,the thinnest apple peel 520 Case for Iphone, ipod touch, Iphone 4s and iPad
    Socblue Bluetooth External Dual SIM Converter for Apple and Android

    SocBlue is a Dual SIM/Standby Apple Adapter, also known as "smart terminals’ invisible partner", and it is the evolution and enhancement of the epoch-making significance of the traditional "Apple Peel" technology.Just insert any two GSM SIM cards in the SocBlue which is associated with your Apple iOS smart terminal equipment by way of wireless technology, and it will enable them to increase the Dual SIM/Standby mobile phone features (such as voice calls, text messages and Internet access)

    SocBlue Bluetooth DualSIM TripleSIM Adapter is the new generation of Bluetooth DualSIM Transformer for iOS and Android OS with 3 SIM cards connected at the same time.

    Just insert two SIM cards or Micro-SIM cards in the SocBlue Triple SIM adapter and have three SIM cards active on your Apple iOS or Android OS device through wireless Bluetooth connection.

    Socblue Bluetooth DualSIM TripleSIM Adapter enables to have two or three SIM cards working simultaneously on your Apple iOS or Android OS device.

    This DualSIM, TripleSIM SocBlue transformer is a small Bluetooth accessory that fits in your pocket.

    Install any SIM or USIM cards into SocBlue Dual Triple SIM Bluetooth adapter and have voice calls (real Dual sim or Triple SIM), sms and Internet access available with 3 SIM cards on Apple IOS and Android OS devices.

    Socblue Bluetooth External DualSIM TripleSIM Converter integrates a vibrating alarm to not miss any call.


    Support Device:
    iPhone 3 3GS (4)
    iPhone 4 $ 4S
    iPod Touch 3 (32G/64G) (4)
    iPod Touch 4
    iPad 1
    iPad 2/3 (3G)
    iPad 2/3 (WiFi)


    Tags: Socblue Bluetooth , Gmate Bluetooth, iMirror Play, ihelicopter, Intercom Motorcycle,

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