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«ß€kàh» (synjgurlie06) wrote,
@ 2004-07-23 00:41:00
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    Current mood:tired but happy
    Current music:none

    a much needed update
    ok... welll its been a month.. i've been taking a break from things a break from youth group, a break from people and i've been trying to keep the things that have been bothering me off of my mind. since the last time... thinking... this might not go in order but it's what's been going on.. i went to Tim's birthday party the day after... got to see some people... it was the last time seeing Brandon because of how he moved to Florida.. i went to an employee appreciation cookout for my mom's work and took heather because i didn't want to go and be the only one there my age... a couple of days later we went to the mall with Tim and Tyler as a double date sorta thing. i bought the dirty dice at spencers and got 3 shirts and some pins and stickers at hot topic. i don't think i'm gonna be too big on the whole go out and buy a whole buncha new clothes for going back to school because of how i could care less... i feel so appethetic for some reason.. anyway... oh by the way we finally got the new pool yay!.. ok where was i?... oh about a week ago i had Abi over and went to see anchorman and it was good in my opinion the bloopers rocked my world. Abi and mom thought it was pretty stupid so i didn't say anything shh! Josh saw it the same day and he liked it too. so after the movies Abi came back to my house and we hung out until she left at 9. when we went to go pick her up at the beginning of the day i got to come inside and see her new kitten! it was soo tiny! it felt like a feather compared to Pumpkin. but its soo cute! its gray and Abi says it has some stripes coming into its fur now. i talked to her on the phone today. i finallly gave her my up-to-date email address she still had the one from two years ago... Bugaboo428... now that was back in the day.. but yes.. it was my fathers birthday (when i say today i'm still referring to the 22nd because i haven't gone to bed yet so in my mind its still the 22nd to me...) and it was also their anniversary so they've now officially been married for 1/2 of my fathers life because it was 26 years ago and he just turned 52. time.. going by tooo fast.. sorry but this is how i am when i'm tired. anyway.. i went to the bookstore and got 3 books i wanted (i know, its sad... i want books..) then after that i went to Patuckaway in Raymond with Tim, Wendy, Brian, Tim's mom and Ty. it was fun! but we didn't stay long because we got there wicked late. because it closes at 7 and we got there at like 6:30 but a half hour isn't too bad. then we went to go get pizza and while we were waiting we went in this store next door and i bought my daddy a present because he dotes over me a lot so i figured i'd get him something even though i didn't have to. but that has been the latest breaking news in my life.. when it comes to Ty things are great and just the way i want them... it'd just be nice if he could communicate better but i won't go there... but i'm content and thats all that matters. talked to Gen and Jenn online for the first time in an eternity, which was nice because i missed talking to them. and that is all. good night!

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