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SyKo JeN (sykojen19) wrote,
@ 2004-06-14 17:50:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard

    Disappointed in myself :(
    Well I failed my test..woot woot for me..I feel like shit since I can't graduate with the class, but I guess that's ok. Im disappointed in myself, I should have done better, but no im too stupid. Soo ya. That was the good news today, all that fuckin studying for nothing, so all imma do is put my math book away, and study later on and i'll take it during the summer I guess. I feel so stupid right now, everyone kept giving me that sad face which was makin me even more sad, like I went to work and I told my aunt and she was like aww and made this sad face, and it made me so sad, and I wanted to cry. Then all of a sudden my mom calls and she wanted to talk to me but I couldn't cuz I didn't wanna cry. Then she got to work and took me to the back and I told her and she looked like she wanted to cry, cuz she was sad, and she felt bad..then all of a sudden I just started crying, for about a good 5 mins. I felt like an ass. But ehh I guess shit happens right? Now all I have to do is tell my dad..oh wow wat a joy. Disappoint everyone I think that's wat imma do. Oh well tho! This sucks..hell I wanna die now. I guess it isn't that serious, but im makin it seem like a big deal. I dunno. I guess I just wanted to do one thing right in my life and look back at wat I did, but I can't even do that. So I guess this isn't the greatest day, hey im out of skool now..well it gets out tomorrow, but Im not gonna go anymore since there isn't really any point of goin at all. Oh well. I'll prolly just end up working most of the day tomorrow, Oh oh I got a van that's cool stuff. I love it, it's an old van, but I still love it. My grandpa is selling it to me for imma give him 200 next week. That's gonna be awesum. So other than that my week is shit. Enuff complaing im out. I'll prolly go to sleep, they sent me home so now I have nothing to do. This is all for now...Laterz

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