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sycokitten (sycokitten) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 23:15:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Skeptix: Death and Destruction

    Real Men Love Jesus/Jesus Not Drugs/Killing For Jesus
    so yea, im home now after a long and exciting day. My mom and sisters are home as well. kay, i woke up at 12:40, called Jesse. Then after i got dressed and headed toward melinda's. Got to Melinda's with her "scribbler" and we chilled for a bit. cus yea i was a tad bit tired and all. and then after we suited up and went to the bus stop. lots of people honkin at melinda. after we got on the bus and started our mission to the sac. we took our 2nd bus, the 70 toward elmonte. hahaha man asian people made us laugh soooo much. They were wearing bonettes and there was a lady with claws who liked the band INXS. and hahah we couldnt help but laugh. then we took our 3rd bus the 286 and headed toward sac. it was one lonnngg bus ride. toward the end this guy sat infront of us who did not clean behind his ears. it was disgusting. foochie! After we reached sac we headed toward subway. ate some sandwiches and baught jesse some food too. then we were runnin late so we high tailed our booties to jesse's class and he was already out when we got there. he was on the phone with my sister. so i was talking to my sister and settled some stuff. went to the sac book rac and my book was too much. i didnt bring enough money. then we walked over to the "square". im just gonna call it that for now. we went to two book stores there and i found my book and i could afford it. so i baught it. then we went to the anime store where melinda was being eye molested by pervert asians, we found the slayers cds and slayers dvds!! woo!!! and then we saw how to draw your own porn. haha interesting. then jesse became a member and we found they sell anime porn...... how interesting.... *wink.. jk... then after we went and sat at jack in the box and had mucho good times there. jesse and i pecked and smooched a bit and hahahaha a funny black guy came in and sat behind melinda and he was like JEA jumbo jacks, JEA, BITCH BETTER NOT TAKE MINE.. JEA JEA... hahaha GOOD TIMES! then Jesse's parents came and they gave us a ride to the west covina plaza. waited for our bus and then took it to my uncles house. got there before everyone else so we kicked back and watched some tv and then food time and people came and we ate and watched dinner for 5 and played taboo. came back dropped off melinda. now im home. i called jesse a little while ago and now im back here again online.. woo... KNOTTS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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