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*ForD*FocuS*CrazI* (sxibaseballgal) wrote,
@ 2004-07-22 20:32:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:"Dare You To Move" -Switchfoot

    *Let the rain fall down....* <--How Bout We Dont
    it the friggen middle of summer n it has been like 50 friggen degress out some daiz n it just wont stop raining!!! hello it is summer lets get some sunshine k?

    ok im better now....talked to sam today n shes gonna find someone n they are gonna go with us on saturday we have decided to go to the mall or the zoo depending upon the weather. wow ok life is so damn confusing n i swear to god if jessie doesnt stop her Bullshit someone is gunna kick her ass. talked to tara today, shes such a sweetie, n its cool b/c we can relate and we actually have stuff to talk about! GRRRR...but my BFITWWW needs to stop bein so cranky, NOTE TO YOU: its ur parents they are meant to bug the shit out of u........ok well newayz friday i think we are gonna go see the notebook- yay i really wanna see this movie! n then saturday to the zoo or mall n if u wanna go just lemme kno....then sunday i think im prolly gonna go see dodgeball. yea i think i drank to much mountain dew today which is prolly why i am so friggen hyper. so i talk to "T" again n i dunno i think "T" might hate me now but i guess u kinda have to deal with it, but then again maybe he doesnt, friggen i dunno. owell.............................::bouces of the walls::......................................yea definately to much of the MD. i really hope it doesnt rain b/c i really wanna go to the zoo on saturday n i hope bunches of ppl will go. i kinda wanna hang out with cookie again b/c i always have fun around her ::sighs:: i havent talked to her i about a bajillion years.

    ::microwave dings:: o i gotz to go my spagettios are done

    LotZ OF LovE

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