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Sing Without A Reason (swyne) wrote,
@ 2005-10-01 19:59:00
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    9-26-05 and the week that followed
    we never thought it would happen. no, never to us. but it did and we didn't know what to do... and we still don't. its unbelievable, unexpected, just unreal. this week has been so hard. it was so hard being away from woodbridge and everyone. the people i needed most weren't here (blacksburg) they were there. they were where i needed to be. hearing about it kills me inside. i feel guilty not being there for everyone, the boys especially. i know they know that i just couldn't come home, but thats not good enough for me. and i think this is something that will always kill me. a life unlived, a life claimed, a life that didn't deserve to be taken. hicham Toloune September 26, 2005.

    I've been thinking about alot of other things lately too...
    with Hicham & Bryan's accident, and my grandpa's bypass surgery death has been a big thing on my mind. I'm beginning to realize that i don't appreciate the people i love the most and i need to start doing that more often... i need to be more humble and selfless. i need to put other people in front of myself first...

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