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The Hott Kim (swimspaz04) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 13:10:00
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    The day I felt like a blonde...or should I say I felt like Carey..
    Today was a confusing day. I woke up at 630 and went to go to tidwell practice. I went down tidwell road and relized I had no f-in idea which road it's off of. So i drove around for a little while, and didn't recognize any of the roads, so I decided it was too scary to drive around, so I went home. I went back to sleep, and then ate some pizza. Mo leaves her away message on too much, so I never get to talk to her...FF...JF...hehe. Last night was pretty fun...Matt's bday...summer champs. I went to summer champs after a really awsome humble practice, and worked the ready bench till like 1030. I was the longest time of my entire life. I was having fun, but my feet are still killing me. Matt and I went to sonic after and he drove me home. Man that sounds wierd normally I have to drive everywhere, but not anymore. But it sux cuz every1 can only drive one person right now cuz all my friends are juniors...well except JF. That sexy sexy lifeguard/swimmer/coach. Don't forget to check out my awsome buddy profile. The hot b/f search is still on, so give me a shout. well i'm out for now I'm going to practice and working the meet tonite. PEACE OUT!

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