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Mandy (sweetnomore) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 22:56:00
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    Today at work I wanted to kill Amanda so bad. I could just imagine hurting would feel so right. She kept running off to the back with Chris because he needed help. Big WHOOP! That boy should be able to do his own god damn job. But NOOOOOOOOOO! She has to be back there helping him...she's not helping him. She just stands there watching him do his work. Okay...and then she said that she was the one who was actually working. Right...when I'm doing office she stands there by her register and looks through the window to the office and doesn't do shit. When I'm out there and she's doing office I'm usually checking people out or I'm getting carts off the lot. Not just standing there. Yes, I will admit that I do stand there sometimes because I don't have something to do. Just cause I do it one time it's all my fault. And then Chris...he just had to keep going on about how I needed to start being nicer to her and start treating her with some respect. I'm not treating someone with respect that doesn't even deserve respect let alone live. She should just die. I wouldn't even care. I would dance on her grave! From the time I got there (12) to the time I left (7), I was pretty much up front checking out. I don't mind checking out but occasionally I need to move around and stretch my body. Since I have a crack in my spine it tends to hurt if I'm bent over for a long period of time. And Billy keeps coming over when she works. WHY?! Doesn't that fag have a life? He has his head shoved so far up Amandas ass it's not even funny! Can't he see that what a stupid bitch she is? They're perfect for each other. I just wish that I didn't even have to associate with either of them. But I have too...I have to have a job so I'm able to drive.
    My car is fucked up. I hate it. I hate it sooooooooooooooo much. My dad said that he was gonna start looking for another vehicle for me because he wasn't gonna put another penny in it. And I don't blame him. I have paid for more shit for my car than I ever have. It just doesn't wanna stop leaking oil. Nothing seems to be going right.
    I haven't talked to Branden for 2 weeks now. I'm seriously thinking about just going on and not letting that put me down. I might as well right? Who knows when I will see him again?

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