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Manda (sweet_angel01) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 02:40:00
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    Current mood:HYPER!!!!!

    ~*~ShOuT OuTz~*~
    Hey Diz Iz Manda I Just Wanna Give Some Shout Outz To Muh Friendz:P

    Mandy: Yer da best girl I luv ya lotz lolz even though when we first met on yahoo we got off to a really rtten start were good friendz now heh YAY!

    Michael: Muh Baby I Love You Sooooooooooooooooooo Much Yer Muh World How Could I Live Without You Now:">

    Markus: Yer a weird bro but I luv ya lmfao weirdo!!!!but yew are alwayz der fo me hehe yer da best!

    angie: Yer a Cool girl Luv yaz;)

    Ashley: Haha yer a good friend girly

    Elias: Hey Fuker lmfao J/k Hey hun how are ya lmao I am soo bored hahah havent talked tew ya in agez haha

    Joel: Yer Muh x I dunno if were ever gonna date EVER again but w/e yer a cool do0d yer alwayz there fo me even though im not alwayz 4 yew im sowwiez I shoulda been a better g/f tew yew but I bet yew will find someone better:)

    Kera: Yer The Best G/f I Love Yaz Tell Sash He iz co0! lmfao

    Well Guyz Das All Da Shout Outz I Got Fo Tonite Luverz Yall *Muahz* Kissez To All hehe I LOVE YOU BABY YER MUH WORLD!!!!!!!!!!*MUAHZ*

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