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..Dreamer.. (sweet__pea) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 22:09:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:letters to you-Finch

    heaven right in the palm of your hands
    Today was an event itself. Even last night was grand! Last night, I had a guy named Adam Rokicki call. He is sooo nice and soo sweet! We talked on the phone for awhile. He's sooo easy to talk to! I was already interested before we met.

    Today, we decided to all meet at the mall so I could finally meet him. He's is ADORABLE. He is taller than me.. by at least 5 inches.. he's tan, brown hair.. (gelled) umm.. his eyes are beautiful! They match him perfectly. They're like a hazel, green color. Bright beautiful eyes ... to die for. His teeth are so unbelievably white, I want him to never stop smiling. Gosh, this kid is to die for.

    I'm hoping things will work out the way Im planning.. I hope Adam likes me the same as I like him. This is getting me off that one person I've been wanting back for awhile. I mean Adam is beautiful, easy to talk to, such a sweet person. why pass the chance up? I know me and the one guy wont get back together. Sure we talk now, and that's awesome. But I mean, this guy, Im already falling for him. His looks and personality. He's just.. beautiful. I love everything about him. He actually talks to me, and listens to me, and he talks too.. I dont have to do all the talking. Its great! He lives.. the most 5 minutes away from me. Sure it would be nice to have that one guy back.. but why pass up this wonderful chance to have heaven right in the palm of your hands...

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