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Crisy (surflikeagirl) wrote,
@ 2005-05-12 20:35:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Breaking Benjamin Break My Fall

    Wow long

    Yeah....whoooo sry to all...Not been in updating mood lately...Talking to tooo many people...My birthday sucked all around...But it got waaaayyyy better on Friday....I got Magen and we saw Ben mutha fuckin Burnley!!!!!!! Oh hell yeah! the hottest of the hot!!!!!!!! Ben Burnley...*sigh* So hott!.....Listening to him now infact......*sigh* what a voice!......"Rain Rain go away come agian another day all the world is waiting for the sun!"

    Yeah I got sheet music from my Angie today, its a late birthday present from her cause she was with Kyyyyllee!!! woooooo!!! lmao! But she got me all the sheet music from the We Are Not Alone CD and a couple from the Saturate CD so now I shall Play like BEN!!!! whooooo!!!! XD!!!!! I already know So Cold and Fire Fly...Those are easy...Lol...Im learning Break Down now...For some odd reason Trent decided to tape me....With his big ass fucking camera...Lmao...Its truely huge...FUCKING HUGE...lmao ♥ Ya Trent!!!!! Lol Today was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuckin funny!!!! Tyler got dumped by his black girlfriend To WHOM I so happend to make friends with today!!! lmao! Ironic!!! Truley!! Yeah she is really sweet...She didnt wanna go out with him...Shes like you dont deserve need someone WAYYYY better than him! I was like....Lol But hes- she stopped me shes like HES NOTHING REALLY BELIVE ME Nothing at all to get all worked up over! I was like YESS MAM! but no gaurntees mam! lmao! she goes well trust me...Please I was like we'll see I want to really get to know him better...He seems like something I'd like to get to know mooooooooore! lmao..He is really truley no matter how much he pissed me has the most gorgeous face ever! lol.

    Yeah well ima go talking to people and ppl wanting me to read their shit!! jezz comment whores and impatient bastards!! lmao! no im kidding!! I ♥ Ya My Magen!!!!

    Less than three you to the X-TREME Magen!!!!!!

    Your one and only

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