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Sheryl (surfgirl1219) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 19:54:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:i'm good- blaque

    a quiz i took from someone's journal- BORED AS HELL!

    {about you}
    .name. sheryl
    .age. just turned 16 yesterday
    .sex. girlie
    .martial status. single <3
    .hair color. hard to say. i dye it a lot. right now it's like a strawberry blonde/light brownish color. it's strange
    .eye color. blue
    .sexual preference. straight
    .ethnicity. 50% Polish, 25% British, 25% Scottish

    .band. Yellowcard, Something Corporate, All-American Rejects, The Donnas, Rooney, Black Eyed Peas, Midtown
    .song. Pump it up by Joe Budden, Stand Up by Ludacris, Way Away by Yellowcard,..and a lot that i can't remember
    .singer. Jordan Knight, Fefe Dobson, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken
    .food. subway, italian, mcdonalds, ice cream, chinese
    .book. harry potter
    .magazine. surf magazine, cosmogirl, ym, seventeen, teen people, star, enquirer, entertainment weekly
    .sport. surfing, snowboarding, basketball, softball, soccer
    .flower. hibiscuses
    .animal. border collies, dolphins, tigers, golden retrievers, monkeys
    .candy. hershey's chocolate, nerds, 3 musketeers
    .tv show. viva la bam, punk'd, everybody loves raymond, surf girls, the simple life, rich girls, real world, 24, the oc, american idol, survivor, degrassi, radio free roscoe, full house, saturday night live, south park, beavis and butthead
    .tv station. mtv, abc family, abc, fox, nbc, cbs, comedy central, travel channel
    .video game. tony hawk pro skater, mario party, old school N64 zelda: ocarina of time
    .anime. i know nothing about anime
    .manga. what's a manga?
    .stuffed animal. my floppy puppy! :-)
    .country. i've only been in america, but i want to go to england, italy, tahiti, and austrailia
    .color. periwinkle, lime green, orange, pink, blueish purple
    .weather. rain and cold weather, snow only when i don't have anywhere to go besides school
    .season. everything except spring
    .time of day. afternoon and night
    .month. october, november, december
    .quote. Clinton- "it is a pleasure to have you here!" Beavis- "get away from us, you fat ass!"
    .journal. uhhh..this one i guess..

    .living arrangement. with my mom and dad and sister and dog in a nice house
    .how many people are in your family. a lot
    .do you ever have family get togethers?. yeah a lot
    .your favorite cousin. i hang out with my dad's side a lot but i like all my cousins
    .your favorite family member. don't know
    .your least favorite family member. Don't really have one
    .is family important to you?. yes
    .do you get along with your parents?. most of the time
    .siblings. krissy
    .ages, if any. 14
    .do you get along with your siblings?. sometimes..she pisses me off a lot
    .pets. yes
    .if yes, what. a border collie dog

    *do you believe in...*

    .God. yeah
    .the devil. yeah
    .heaven. yeah
    .hell. yeah
    .reincarnation. yeah
    .karma. definitely. especially bad karma cause it's true
    .miracles. yeah
    .luck. yes
    .fate/destiny. yeah
    .magic. no it doesn't exist
    .someone for everyone. yes
    .religion. yes

    .suicide. why do people have to kill themselves?
    .homosexuality. queers- cool for some things but no affection in front me please, lesbos- ugh
    .depression. horrible
    .sex before marriage. w/e you want i guess
    .abortion. well if the mother couldn't afford to have the baby then do it but it's still wrong
    .boredom. i hate it
    .war/terrorism. horrible. everyone should just hang out, party, and compromise
    .love. good when you have someone
    .life. is okay for me

    .sexual preference. guys
    .do you have a crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend?. couple caught my eye, but i'm afraid it's going to get complicated
    .what is their name?. it's a secret
    .how old are they?. that too is a secret
    .hair color. ^
    .eye color. ^
    .do they drive?. idk
    .if yes, what kind of car?. why do you even care?
    .how long have you been going out with this person?. i haven't been
    .do you love him/her?. look at the last question
    .do they love you?. who knows, i doubt it though
    .best memory with this person. secret
    .least favorite memory with this person. secret
    .guys i've kissed. none, haven't been that lucky
    .girls i've kissed. eww none
    .first date location. look at the second to last question
    .best date location. .....
    .ideal date. dinner and a movie, beach idk
    .first kiss location. .....
    .best kiss location. .....
    .where do you like to be kissed?. these questions are gay
    .ideal kiss. idk
    .have you ever had sex?. no
    .if yes, where?. n/a
    .if not, are you planning to anytime soon?. uh no
    {music - yay or nay}
    .pop. yay
    .rock. yay
    .rap. yay
    .r&b. some is okay
    .ska. yay
    .emo. yay
    .hardcore. hate it
    .country. nay
    .classical. nay
    .foreign. some is good, like indian and italian but that's it
    .hip-hop. yay
    .dashboard confessional. yay
    .yellowcard. yay
    .the early november. never heard any of it
    .good charlotte. nay they suck
    .blink-182. they're alright
    .simple plan. yay i love them
    .thrice. never heard of them
    .afi. alright
    .less than jake. yay! science of selling yourself short rules!
    .goldfinger. yay! i love superman!
    .the distillers. who?
    .something coporate. love them
    .reel big fish. who's that?
    .phish. some kid named drew wanted to people to donate him money so he could go to their concert, but i never heard them b4
    .all-american rejects. love them
    .from autumn to ashes. what's that
    .the casualties. who?
    .led zepplin. nay
    .the sex pistols. never heard their music
    .pennywise. ^
    .thursday. ^
    .the used. alright i guess
    .anti-flag. who?
    .the white stripes . okay..i can play seven nation army on the guitar
    .the offspring. nay
    .the starting line. yay. i like the best of me
    .finch. alright
    .senses fail. who?
    .system of a down. nay
    .mudvayne. who?
    .taking back sunday. alright
    .the ataris. alright
    .trust company. who?
    .hoobastank. alright
    .evanescence. love them
    .linkin park. yay
    .new found glory. yay
    .allister. never heard them b4
    .NOFX. they are okay
    .motion city soundtrack. who?
    .slick shoes. ^
    .bouncing souls. ^
    .alice in chains. ^
    .nickleback. they're alright
    .puddle of mudd. they suck
    .rancid. nay

    .favorite song of all time. way away by yellowcard
    .favorite band of all time. Something Corporate

    {this or that}
    .coke/pepsi. coke
    .vanilla coke/vanilla pepsi. vanilla coke
    .chocolate/vanilla. both
    .black/white. white
    .light/dark. light
    .sun/moon. both, but i hate sunpoisoning! worst week of my life!
    .rain/snow. both
    .sunshine/rain. rain
    .summer/winter. both
    .spring/autumn. autumn
    .sunrise/sunset. sunset
    .car/suv. suv
    .cellphone/pager. cell
    .radio/tv. tv
    .vhs/dvd. dvd
    .cd/tape. cd
    .glasses/contacts. glasses, even though i don't wear them
    .morning/night. night
    .ocean/pool. ocean i love surfing even if i suck lol
    .skiing/snowboarding. snowboarding
    .skating/skateboarding. skateboarding
    .oranges/apples. green apples
    .strawberries/bananas. strawberries all the way
    .penguins/polar bears. ha this kid looks like a freakin penguin!
    .mcdonalds/burger king. both
    .pizza hut/dominos. domino's, pizza hut is nasty

    .wine/champagne. wine but i'm not old enough to drink yet

    {have you ever...}
    .stole/shop-lifted. no
    .speed. no i don't do drugs
    .smoked. no never will it's disgusting
    .drank. not really
    -.gotten drunk. no
    -.gotten drunk and passed out. no
    -.gotten drunk and couldn't remember anything. no
    -.done drugs. no
    -.weed. no
    -.marijuana. no
    -.shrooms. no
    -.lsd. no
    -.ecstasy. no
    -.crack. no
    -.cocaine. no
    -.heroin. no
    -.inhalants. no
    .skinny dipped. no!
    .gave someone a lap dance. no!
    .had sex. no
    .snuck out of the house. no
    .ran away from home. no
    .tried to commit suicide. no
    .used someone. uhhh..don't remember but i don't think so
    .cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend. no
    .got caught 'doing something'. no
    .embarrassed yourself. many times
    -.share an embarrassing moment. last week my friends and i were trying to read french and i was drinking water and i was laughing so hard that i freakin choked and couldn't breathe for like 5 was so funny though

    .what time is it. 8
    .are you glad this is over. no! give me more! lol jk

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