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Sheryl (surfgirl1219) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 17:36:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:something corporate- space

    i still feel like absolute doggy doo. there must be something going around cause practically everyone i know is sick. jen has a cold, i have a cold, my sister has one, fanny has one, my friend lisa from dance has bronchitus(is that how its spelled?), and rachel has pink eye. holy moly. it's only september and everyone is coming down with something. watch, in november or december a stomach virus will go around. i JUST know it.i should know, i had it 5 days b4 my b-day. i swear, i'm ready to go pop another tylenol. i barely got any sleep last night and i am DEAD tired. the only thing i'm excited about is tonight's OC and the Real World Paris. and my new teen people that i still haven't had the god given time to read it.

    something interesting happened today. there's this show called "The Family" on ABC and ABC Family. it's about this extended family that moves into a big mansion in Florida and competes to win 1 million bucks. well recently i found out that 3 people from the family are from manalapan. then today i see Anthony, Aunt Donna and Uncle Michael's son, waiting near the girl's locker room and the door to the gym, and i'm like holy crap! he must have been substituting for gym or something. that's funny b/c i heard he was the one who won the money, but i guess he must have split it 100,000 bucks each person, or else why would he be in our high school? plus, Aunt Donna is a bus driver for manalapan schools, so some people i know must know her too. so that adds to the few famous people i've either seen up close and personal or personally met. that would be the cheerleader girl from made, eden's crush, and wayne newton(i saw him in the airport in las vegas). there's probably more but i don't remember who right now. my brain is dead.

    Vado leggere il mio Teen People adesso. Arrivederci!
    that means i go to read my teen people now. Good-bye!
    (i hope that makes sense, but i don't think it does)

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