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Superstar (superstarpunk23) wrote,
@ 2005-04-11 21:05:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Rndom Shit like Nine Days "Story of a girl"

    Bizzy Bizzy Bizzzy
    School is catching up with me less than a month left!! aww!!

    Its been fun though. Everything has been going great!! I've been so so so happy!

    Had a huge Comm Theory test but it was so much less stressul studying with Tara at cool hippy Austin coffee shop!! Hopefully I aced that test.

    This past weekend was super cool, Friday I went to eat with my roomate Liz at the CLay Pit which is so good and romantic I reccomend it to anyone especilaly on a date. They sat us in the basement where the ceiling was 5 ft high and was filled with Indian music and beautifully lit with candles. It felt like we were in those fancy restaurants they show on the food network. Later Annette and I went to see Sin City at the new Drafthouse on Lamar. Its so good I loved it!

    Saturday night was crazy early in the day I hung out with Sara, Aubrey and thier friend Clay and we went looking for a crawfish festival which ended us up trailing around downtown. Quite fun! We were also quite drunk which added to the excitement. On a random moment we entered the Crest tour bus shaped as a crest tube of toothpaste that was situate downtown and brushed our teeth with free toothbrush and toothpast and one of the little sinks inside which is insanely funny when one is drunk.

    We ended up eating at Free Birds where Brian picked me up and we and a friend headed out to a Reggae show at the Flamingo Cantina. It was so so cool!! I danced my booty off!! I love letting the beat flow through my heart!! Aww when I'm with Reggae I'm with joy!!

    The funny part of the night was when I was telling Brian that I wnated to get with the Tambourinist of the Mau Mau Chaplains. I mean how cool is that! Professional Tambourinist! But the thing was he's kind've old haha! Well he ended up coming up to me later and told me to email him, "Do you email?" It was so cute he gave me his info on the inside of a matchbook. If he was younger he would've for sure taken my heart away!

    Sunday my roomates and I as well as Bill "relaxed" and headed out Chuys where Bill treated yay!! And then relaxed all day at Zilker. The water was cold but ti was cool chillin there.... so relaxing!

    What a fun fun weekend!


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