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Mallory (supermal) wrote,
@ 2004-07-09 18:04:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:feeling this-blink 182

    and you kissed me like you meant it
    something happened today, and i must admit that i feel partially responsible. felicia spent the night last night, and we talked about a sensetive issue with her concerning one other person *who will for the time being remain nameless*. she told me before how she had feelings for this person, and me being, well, me, told her to just tell him. i kind of talked her into it, figuring, hey, the worst that can happen is something you've already prepared yourself for. i personally would rather get hurt and know, then spend the rest of my life wondering. so this morning, she called me as i was dolling out serious cash for this new business expenditure of mine (one hundred and eighty dollars to be exact...and then in two weeks when the goods get delivered and pass my inspection, i dole out another one hundred and eighty dollars-thank god i save most of my money, eh?) and left a voicemail on my phone telling me she was going to do it. i was like, oh good, things could get better or just stay the same. wrongo. she then called me after she got off work *i have today off* and it turned out, his response was; "i don't know what to say." that's not a promising response, but it isn't exactly a debilatating response, either. it's just; i feel partially responsible, because i guess when it comes to things like this *namely guys* if i like someone, they generally like me back, and if not, i'm not too broken up about it. i just feel bad because things havent exactly been going well for her in that department, and i love feesh. she deserves a guy who treats her well and appreciates her and realizes how awesome she is. *sigh* he's out there somewhere. <3 to feesh.

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