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.:.follower of anyone who takes me to him.:. (superchill41) wrote,
@ 2003-10-02 20:13:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music: the perfect circle-weak and powerless

    i hates me so much right now. i had a test every peirod today. everyclass id di homework for the next class. it all turend out ok though.

    ok afterschool today was hilarious!!! love it love it! best time in forever!! ok so ride home with steph and me her and julie go get 311 tickets. well me and steph had credit cards and they wouldn't take it since it wasn't in our name. so me and steph are going back tomorrow. but then we went to stephs and did homework. then me and julie ahd to go film the volleyball game. the stupid battery ran out!! i swear it always does!! but steph brought us some chick-fil-a!!! what a doll! :) love that gurl. friends are great. O MAN!!! on the way home from coconuts going to stephs house...... julie was drivingi was in the shotgun seat and steoh was in the back and we make a turn at the valleydale cladwell mill intersection and all the suddent here is this lady walking across the street with a neck brace and a broken arm! Julie slammed on her brakes. we laughed soooo hard!!! it looked like the lady had crossed to many streets already considering her neck was braced up. i dunno it was a blast though.

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