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Supah Crayzee (supahcrayzee) wrote,
@ 2005-05-15 08:54:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    I'm so mad.

    Yesterday morning my Mom, Susie and Brandon leave for the trailer and Amy and I stay home. I'm thinking Amy and I are gonna hang out this weekend or something. I go in her room, she's all showered and dressed and it's still really early in the morning. I was like "What are we doing today?" She's like "oh, I'm not going to be here." Nice of her to tell me when everyone else already left. So, I'm all pissed off telling her I would've went to the trailer if I had knowen she was going to go to see retardo Niv. She's like "I told you I was going lastnight." Um... If you did I wouldn't be home right now. So then someone calls on my cell phone but i was having bad reception so I stepped out on the front porch. What's there? Her backpack. She hid her damn back pack on the front porch. I'm like ".... why'd oyu hide it? Are you sleeping over there or something?" She's like "oh, no, it has my picture books and stuff in it. Don't forget to leave the outside light on and the door unlocked." So, I call her phone last night, she has it off. WHO likes going to sleep withthe door of thier house unlocked? Um, not me! So, I leave it unlocked thinking the moron's going to be home soon and I wake up this morning and is she here? NO! Ugh! Why the hell does she think she has to sneak around and lie to everyone all the time?? It makes me SO mad. For all I friggen know she could be dead. Because she's to immature to call home and say "yeah, I"m not coming home tonight." I don't care if she's older then me, she has to have SOME sort of commen sence to know that people worry about her. UGH! She's so DUMB!!! One day something really IS going to happen to her and everyone's going to shrug it off because she feels the need to sneak around all the time, that we'll just think she's pulling that again. Who CARES if she's with some guy she met online, it's not like she's never gone out with online guys before. The only one that'd make fun of her is herself. Because she seems pretty wrapped up in making fun of my aunt who married a guy she met online, and Meaghan who's going out with a guy she met online. AH!

    Yeah, so that's my complaining post. Isn't it so interesting? No, not really. Now that she's gone I have to clean the entire house by myself. You should see the place. When everyone lett yesterday, they left it SO messy. Screw it, I'm not cleaning it.

    I wish I had lotsa money, I'd move to California and bring Gloria and Adam to live with me. I miss Tony.
    Ok, I think I'm done.

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