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Sasha (sunrisebabe0825) wrote,
@ 2004-08-19 17:40:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    Kill me while I still
    believe that you were meant for me... yet another yellowcard song* Hmm so i guess I had a pretty okay day today. Ive discovered that i truely do have an odd atraction to adam but seeing as he doesnt talk to me like ever uhm not so sure it'd ever happen but w/e oh and let me tell u about hot guy in the john deer shirt and hot guy with big ears and hot guy named BOBBY * and hot guy who is so hot and i see him like 8 times a day and hot guy dyl's friend, and hot guys that r way too cool (nick and jv) you kno for having like 4000 kids the least they could do is get one of the hot guys (who arent gay b/c thats like 1/4 of the male population and im not talkin bi either just gay) to start talkin to me haha.. well sides for jv and nick lol... (speaking of nicks mine is coming back in like MINUTES!.. habetter get out of his room!) ne how im attracted to the oddest ppl i swear! Hmm so highschool has just gotten mroe and more interesting these part few says (sides bynums class ugh*) and guess waht tom. is !!!!! the first F/B... DUB C= STATE CHAMPS WOOHOO.. yea so thatll be great and then im headed to steak n shake with smith and the cool kids lol oh man gotta call her ne how love ya.. buh bye ... *i miss a couple a ppl* :(

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