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lioness (sunnylioness) wrote,
@ 2003-03-15 22:27:00
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    just getting started
    So I'm here. Finally found a service that I could log in to without crashing MSN or requiring me to get my credit card out of my wallet. This way i can do a couple of things... I can keep track of my tarot stuff in one place-- log my daily draw and definitions and see how it applies every day. And I can just get out my daily rants. If I can't find anyone i know to ramble on to about all of my neurotic issues, why not anonymously post them on the internet for all the world to see? Makes sense, doesn't it? ummm... sure.

    So I'm going to try to do my daily draws teh night before right now. See if I can carry the mood appropriately or if I end up with my intuitino pointing all the wrong directions if I get an early start.

    So I just drew a 2 of Pentacles. Knave-ookgin guy with the 2 pentacles in a jocb's-ladder, infinte loop thing. With a couple of ships at sea in the background. Looks kinda lonely.

    The book says for this: jugglinh, flexibility and fun. Guess I read too much in to the simplicity of the card. It says that this card should remind us to ride theups and downs with grace, efficiently and effectively. Says it's a reminder to lighten up and that "greater vitality will be yours".

    It's supposed to keep raining tomorrow, but I suppose that it ought to be a good day. hope it means my on-call tonight will be quiet so I can get some sleep too.

    I'll check in tomorrow, and try to keep this updated...

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