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The Devils Advocate (wickedly_devine) wrote in sunnydale_,
@ 2003-04-16 22:38:00
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    Spike, the nuisance he had to put up with those long years. Making them get into trouble when they've got along fine. He stole a look into those eyes, and sneered. "Spikey ol'boy." Extending his grasp, he strongly took hold of Spike's collar and hauled him directly to make eye contact. "I think its best if you leave me along with my girl. Its only polite now." His voice was harsh, tones of devious soundings could be heard. He didn't waver, and with a powerful shove, drove Spike towards the other side of the room. Once again, gazing back at the young, petite Slayer; his Slayer, he regained his step towards her back. His hand feeling up her arm, around her innocent and precious neck. Feeling the warmth she gave off. The beating of her heart grew rapid. Fear, sweet. He breathed it in, and closed his eyes. "You really don't know, what you do to me, baby." He grinned, ear to ear, pressing upagainst her. Until her back once again felt the cold wall. His hand slipped underneath her shirt, trailed over her stomach, and then finding its away around her waist. He massaged the area roughly, tilting his head he watched her reaction. Crossed between pleasure, and discomfort. "Don't quit on me now. Think of all the good times we can have, darlin'. I know of so many things I can do to you, to that body. And after I get'd be begging me for some more." His brows lifted upon his forehead, and bent down. His lips felt her luscious skin. The overwhelming scent of berries rose off. He kissed her warmth, replaced with the chill of his teirs.

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