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Angel (tormentedsoul) wrote in sunnydale_,
@ 2003-04-16 16:41:00
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    - Something was different about the mansion and the presence he got from being there. He had heard the distant chatter in the background, able to identify one of the voices he had heard as Spike, another possibly as Buffy, and the last as Angelus. Although that was awhile ago. Something had happened to him within the time that had passed...almost like he had lost complete track of what he was doing and his frame of mind. And somehow they had passed over him without even knowing it...they had been completely unaware of his presence here...something he was more or less grateful for. He was not ready for the fight with Angelus yet, physically or mentally. After all...he had just been brought back. Raven orbs looked cautiously around, as to make sure that he was entirely alone, as he had suspected. He ran a hand through the chestnut array of spikes atop his head, slowly standing. His knees still felt weak, but he knew that there was something that he must do now...and that was what was driving him. He quickly made his way to the closet, pulling down the first pair of leather pants that he saw. Again, looking cautiously around, before darting quickly out the door. Once outside, all he had to do was follow his scent of Buffy-although hours had passed since she had been here. He decided that the scent might lead him to somewhere she no longer was. He had to go to her home-figuring that sooner or later she would have to come there. He slowly made his way down the dark, desolate streets, his bare feet scraping against the moist pavement. Every muscle in his entire body ached with pain, but he could not let that stop him--would not let that stop him. As he turned onto Revello drive, walking slowly up the Buffy's house he got an undescribable amount of energy. He knew he must remain out of sight, so as soon as he walked up the walkway to her door, he dodged behind a large bush. There he would wait for Buffy to arrive...but what would he tell her when she did?-

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