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Buffy (chosenone_buffy) wrote in sunnydale_,
@ 2003-04-10 00:31:00
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    I stop, once I was deeper in the mansion and raising my eyebrow over to the bleach vampire. No doubt in my mind that Spike wasn't apart of angelus' master plan now. I can't stop wondering what, or who is apart of this? Or was it all a trap, so I would come here alone? But. I could feel someone, or something neared by. I whisper softly, ``who's there?`` It was growing even more powerful by the second. something here was itching away out me. I titling my head to glance around the corners of the mansion, but interrupted by Spike's words to me. Turning to glare at him in his game face that he wears now. Something told me Spike wasn't the thread here. I didn't need to worry about the bleach vampire -- for now.. or do I? Shaking my head with blonde tresses flowing down side of my face. Thin digits ran up to brush away the blondness behind my ear. I turn to look in Angelus' direction, and sees him smirking. He was watching us calmly. Lying back in his chair, as if he's expecting a show. Than that strong feeling came over me again -- of knowing someone was neared by. Someone I once loved? But.. What was it? Why did it have such a huge power over me? I didn't quite understand. Nothing here is making sense to me. For a moment I almost forgotten about the sired, and his childe here.. and who he wanted me to meet tonight. I turn to glare back to Spike, than Angelus. I stood couple feet away from the two undead vampires now. I should have brought back up, I thought. Through my friends couldn't help me now. They wouldn't understand what I'm going through, or even know how to battle against ... this. It's all new for me. I have to do .. this alone. I have to be strong. I have to be brave... I have to be the slayer now. Even if it's doing something alone, I have to .. do this myself. Evergreens orbs glared over to Angelus.. I felt speechless of words. Like the cat caught my tongue. I told myself, buffy calm down.. remember he's your blood sucking emery.. Last night didn't happened -- but it did happened, I know it did. I was weak.. but I'm.. over that now. I'm the one in control, not him. He doesn't have no control over me. But.. Why do I feel under his control? Why do I let him.. get to me? I glared back to Angelus.
    ``Who.. do you want me to meet?`` I swallow slowly, and keeping my evergreens orbs on him. I wanted to hear his answer. I needed to hear it.

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