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Angel (tormentedsoul) wrote in sunnydale_,
@ 2003-04-09 17:05:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    Location: Inside the mansion
    -Something from inside him had awoken, all that was before this moment he seemed to forget...except for that one part. The powers that be...and although he could vaguely recall the happenings, parts seemed clear to him. The powers that be had seperated him from his alter being Angelus, and had done so because of the great trouble that Angelus would cause to the world if he had not been saved. Curled into a ball he gazed wildly around the mansion, almost looking at it like it was all foreign to him. Placing his bruised and badly cut hands upon the cold concrete floor, he pushed himself to stand. He was completely nude and though it was not a vulgar kind of nudity the fact remained that he was still nude. Then a single thought occured. What had Angelus done to Buffy? Slowly he darted those raven orbs around the mansion searching for clothes, something he could use to cover himself up. But if he did find clothes what would it matter? Buffy would have all ready seen what Angelus was capable of and how could she believe that he was not Angelus? He would have to prove it to her somehow...that meant waiting here for her to come. Lowering himself back onto the cold concrete where he would sit and wait for Buffy for the time being.-

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